Selected Writing

New York Times: “No More Money for the Police

Slate: “The People Arrested for Protesting Police Are in Danger

Washington Post: “Why does the Minneapolis police department look like a military unit?

The Guardian: “The George Floyd protests – and riots – are a rebellion against an unjust system

Al Jazeera: “It is time to cancel student debt and make higher education free

Essence: “Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, National Bail Out Is Freeing Black Mothers From Jail.”

Essence: “Public Housing Residents May Be Some Of The Hardest Hit By COVID-19 Outbreak.

Washington Post: “Should Mike Bloomberg’s Stop-and-Frisk Record Disqualify Him?

Black Youth Project: “Increases in Police Funding Will Not Make Black People Safe, it is Time City Leaders Listened.

Washington Post: “Democrats Are Ignoring a Key Piece of Criminal Justice Reform — Slicing Police Budgets.”

The Appeal: “Community Policing Is Not the Answer.

Yale Lux et Data: “Military Gear, Local Policing, and the Carceral State.”